Viva con Agua pursues the vision that all people have access to clean drinking water, hygiene facilities and basic sanitation. Therefore, Viva con Agua supports water projects worldwide – “WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER”. Along with the air we breathe, water is the basis of all life and a central human right.

Why water?


We are convinced that our vision is no utopia and we can still translate it into reality within our generation. We are driven by this objective, which is the basis of our actions!

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As an ALL PROFIT organization (non-profit sounds so joyless) we rely on the universal languages of music, art and sport to encourage people to advocate clean drinking water and generate donations.

We raise funds through joyful activities, which flow into WASH projects in an increasing number of Viva con Agua countries. WASH stands for water, sanitation and hygiene and improves the living conditions of many people in the long term.

The idea of an ALL PROFIT organization as well as a kind of fundraising that is fun and brings joy have thus become an international idea and prove the vision “Water for all – all for water” to be true!

Support clean drinking water together with us!

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