Charity raffle for clean drinking water

Buy your raffle ticket now and win event tickets or water filters – every ticket supports clean water worldwide!

It’s that simple:

  • Make a donation of at least CHF 5.– to drinking water projects using the donation form below
  • Enter the following keyword in the remarks field: Weltklasse Zurich
  • Your donation entitles you to participate in our price raffle

The prices are:

  • 1st price: 1×2 VIP tickets for Openair St. Gallen 2024
  • 2nd price: 3×1 high-quality water filter (2.7 litres) by BWT in a modern, Scandinavian design to mineralise your tap water and make it even more enjoyable. On top of that, you get a BWT thermos bottle*.
  • 3rd price: 4×2 beverage vouchers for Weltklasse Zurich 2023 (can be collected at the Viva con Agua stand at the Letzigrund Stadium)

Closing date
24th of August 2023 – 6pm

All lucky winners will be informed by us in writing by 25th of August 2023 via email. The following applies to the 2nd prize (BWT water filter): Postal delivery only to addresses within Switzerland. Viva con Agua attaches great importance to data protection, the data will not be passed on to third parties and will only be used for the corresponding campaign.

Why is there a fundraising campaign at Weltklasse Zurich?

489 million people worldwide live without direct access to clean drinking water. Viva con Agua wants to change that and collects donations for water projects. We activate and inspire people in a joyful way to create awareness for this precious resource – in Switzerland as well as globally.

*Cooperation with BWT

Viva con Agua has a great vision: to enable all people worldwide to have access to clean water, in an environment and on a planet that makes a sustainable and joyful life possible for future generations. BWT shares this vision and is committed with its products to ensure that water can be consumed sustainably. As part of the Weltklasse Zurich event, all volunteers will have access to water dispensers that are connected directly to the tap water network. In this way, we jointly minimise the use of PET bottles and reduce the the water footprint of the event drastically. Viva con Agua and BWT maintain a sustainable partnership that goes even beyond the Weltklasse sporting event and especially covers the area of catering.

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