St. Beatus Caves & Viva con Agua

A long-standing partnership

As an official partner of Viva con Agua, the St. Beatus Caves support the vision of „Water for all“. Because 703 million people still live without access to clean drinking water. The St. Beatus Caves not only collect valuable donations with their guests through a voluntary donation integrated into the ticketing (Ticket4WATER), but also generate further funds through various events and campaigns, such as the „Klang am Fels“ charity concert, to further promote the project work on clean drinking water.

Viva con Agua water projects

We support projects in various countries with the comprehensive WASH approach. In addition, we are constantly developing further creative approaches to support the success of the projects. We work together with local and international partner organisations. Together for the vision: Water for All!

WASH is the abbreviation for „Water, Sanitation and Hygiene“

All Viva con Agua WASH projects follow the interplay of access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene sensitisation. This triad supports the long-term and sustainable success of the individual project measures.

Examples of our project work

The following examples from Uganda give an impression of what can be achieved with small amounts and larger volumes within an overall project. The project period is three years between 2023 and 2025:

Examples of donations

CHF 60.– Long-term access to clean drinking water for one person

CHF 90.– Six footballs for a hygiene workshop at a school

CHF 240.– Three water filters for one school

Examples of donations

CHF 2’500.– Hand washing stations at a school

CHF 7’500.– Six footballs for a hygiene workshop at a school

CHF 10’000.– Toilet block with water-powered flushes for all schoolchildren and their teachers at a school


Viva con Agua supports clean drinking water worldwide! As a non-profit association and international network of people and organisations, we are committed to the vision of WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER with positive activism and a lot of joy.

We support water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects with local and international partner organisations. Within our entire Viva con Agua network and together with other funding partners, we have been able to realise projects for a total of 3.8 million people.

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