KWC & Viva con Agua

KWC and Viva con Agua share a common mission:

To improve the quality of life of people across the world through access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

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Joining forces on a joint mission “Christmas for Mozambique” was the first activation of KWC and Viva con Agua within the framework of their joint mission for clean drinking water and lays the groundwork for the forward-looking partnership. With sustainable drinking bottles as a customer gift and the associated fundraising campaign, KWC is setting an example for the conscious and careful use of the valuable resource of water.

As an international premium manufacturer of faucets and comprehensive sanitary solutions, KWC has been committed to the responsible use of the vital element of water for many years. With our broad range of sustainable products and technologies, we ensure economical water consumption. KWC products also make a significant contribution when it comes to hygiene: be it in private homes, public buildings or in the strictly regulated healthcare/hospitals sector.

Projects from KWC and Viva con Agua

Donations from the partnership are currently being channelled to Mozambique. Thanks to the overall project, 50,000 people in six districts within the Cabo Delgado and Nampula provinces in northern Mozambique benefit from access to safe drinking water, sanitary facilities and greater hygiene awareness through educated and trained authorities, businesses, handicraft associations and water committees.

The overall project in Mozambique helps to build new water supply systems on the one hand, while having a strong focus on improving hygiene and the education and training of authorities, operators, handicraft companies and water committees, on the other hand, so that water supply systems can also be maintained and repaired independently.

KWC has already donated CHF 5’000.– to the project work in Mozambique to date.

Specifically, the funds allow the following steps to be taken:
Construction of two spring wells (CHF 500 each)
Training for a well worker (CHF 1,000)
Construction of a rainwater tank (CHF 3,000)

Your support counts! By filling out the donation form below, you too can make a contribution to help even more people gain access to clean drinking water.


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    More about Viva con Agua

    Viva con Agua supports clean drinking water worldwide! With positive activism and a lot of joy, we as a non-profit association and international network of people and organisations dedicate ourselves to the vision WATER FOR ALL – ALL FOR WATER.

    703 million people worldwide do not have assured access to clean drinking water. 1.543 billion people don’t have access to basic sanitary provision and 1,953 billion people worldwide do not have assured access to basic hygiene provision.

    We support water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) projects with local and international partner organisations and have already reached 3.8 million people.

    WASH is the abbreviation for „Water, Sanitation, Hygiene“

    All Viva con Agua WASH projects follow the interplay of access to clean drinking water, sanitation and hygiene sensitisation. This triad supports the long-term and sustainable success of the individual project measures.

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